Memory Lane is an independently-owned gifts, personal expressions and Hallmark Gold Crown store. Memory Lane is owned and operated by Valery Stevens and Paul Stevens under our corporate name Galloping Hill Gift Emporium, Inc. Large enough to serve you and small enough to remember you, we help our customers connect with others, celebrate life’s milestones and deal with the emotional challenges that life brings. The associates at Memory Lane not only help you find just the right greeting card or or that special gift, we strive to provide the personal service that helps you get through life.

At Memory Lane, we feel our customers are special people. Actually, they are the most important people we know. To best serve our customers, our associates aspire to meet special service standards that set them apart from associates in ordinary stores.

Summary of Memory Lane Customer Service Standards

It is paramount to provide a pleasant and memorable shopping experience for our customers every time they shop with us. We strive to maintain a culture that reinforces this goal and have established non-negotiable service standards for all employees. Achieving these service standards, every single time, is what will make us successful and set us apart from our competition.

  • Smile! Make the customer feel important! We are very happy to see them!
  • Strive for friendly service that goes the “extra mile” to create a great shopping experience.
  • Engage the customer with a pleasant greeting like “Good morning, who are you buying for today?”
  • Greet every customer that passes within 10 feet. We must all be interruptible and we must always be friendly and helpful. No one wants to be ignored. If someone is waiting, acknowledge them and courteously explain that you will help them shortly.
  • Address the customer by name
  • Go the extra mile to resolve customer complaints. You can usually turn a negative experience into a positive one!
  • Avoid saying “No” -
    • Offer to help the customer figure out how best to benefit from their coupons or promotions
    • If we do not have a requested item, find alternative items that meet/exceed the customer's needs

If you would like to be considered for employment at Memory Lane, print, fill out and bring the Employment Application to the store.